2023 Animalia


Come explore our outdoor area with a mesmerizing music set as you slowly float yourself into our portal entrance.


Here you will be greeted and ask to let things go before you pass through the portal. You are prepped with a pep talk and when space is available, your invitation is ready.


Once inside, you will be joined in a wildly transformative room (will it be all white, infinity mirrors?), who knows – but it feels like purgatory. It should feel a little like WTF and calming at the same time, if not – make your way over to the ‘Afterlife Consultants’ at the all white bar, they can be identified because they are wearing all white glasses, pants – you get the picture. 


Here you’ll contemplate life with your poorly trained consultants, but we do try to hide that by serving you miso and sake with introspective questions (yes the bowls and cups are also in white if you’re curious – it’s purgatory). Only through the conversations and participation – can you really unlock what your afterlife will be like – will you start over, will you just wake up, will you go to another place? Come find out.


Nowhere Portal (Main Placement)

This is approximately a 24×45′ fully enclosed tent space with LED portal rings (potentially resembling the butthole of an octopus) in front with curtains hiding the interior purgatory space. It will feature comfortable chairs and cushions with a U-shaped bar for the afterlife consultants.

Nowhere Outpost (Optional)

This is approximately a 10×14′ space designed to exist within the Golden Guy Village and serve as an optional extension of the Nowhere experience, but only enough seats to service 2-3 passing souls at a time.